I am Gourav Kumar, currently based in USA. I had matrimonial cases against me in India. While I started exploring legal help from other Advocates, I realized It’s a really challenging to work with them while sitting thousands of miles away in a different country. One of my friends suggested to connect with Shweta Gattewar. She had experience in handling NRI cases while working remotely. She helped me draft petitions, arrange POA and simplifying legal jargons all through phone calls and numerous email conversations. Good thing about Shweta is that she is always available, and she will follow-up on her own if anything is pending from your side. Thank you, Shweta, for being such a help. I would highly recommend her legal services to anyone needing assistance.

Gourav Kumar ( USA – Software Engineer)

All my legal disputes based at Aurangabad Court have been overseen by Adv Shweta for the past three years. I am really blessed to have such a great legal expert to deal with my cases that all were false and fabricated cases against which have been dismissed in a month or two. This is an absolute break-neck speed considering the speed of Indian judicial system. Moreover, she is well verse in dealing with not just Indian but multiple jurisdictional issues. Adv Shweta shines with her impeccable integrity. Should you need any further information about her please feel free to contact me. I have my highest personal recommendation for her.

Mangesh Bhalerao ( UK – Technical Architect )

Shweta Gattewar madam has been very helpful in my case to take prompt actions and also guide me legally to take appropriate measures. I do resort to her for all legal advice in other matters too and she has been very welcoming each time. She ensures that  she allocates her valuable time and does not make it hard for the clients to reach out to her - A quality seen in few advocates. She is also very humble in her interactions with her clients!

Milind Borkar ( USA – Software Architect )

I met Shweta mam when my first lawyer left my case halfway. she came as a ray of light. Till then my experience with other lawyers were very bad but she changed it completely as she was a very genuine and honest lawyer who doesn't only run after money appealed me a lot . Hard working, thorough knowledge, experienced in her work , readily available for her client at any hour. Great quality  is that she empathizes with our situation. She was a great moral support for me during my trials. Not only she is excellent in her legal aspect but on  personal front also she fought to give me justice that I rightly deserved. She helped me gain back my confidence and trust in our judiciary system. My life wouldn't be what it is, if she wasn't  firmly standing for me. l am very thankful to her n wish lot of success in her work!

Dr.Deepali Kulkarni ( Pune )

I have worked with Shweta for several years. As a lawyer, she has an extraordinary business and legal acumen and every part of her maneuvering is always focused on the best commercial needs of the company. Shweta has significant skills and outstanding experience especially in FDA, Corporate and recovery matters where our company achieve utmost success from legal hassles. She is able to apply her capacity to understand different legal systems!

Arpita Lonkar ( SoPro Nutri Pvt.Ltd, Mumbai - Founder CEO )

सौ. श्वेता अविनाश गट्टेवार, या जनलोक प्रतिष्ठान या संस्थेच्या २०१६ पासून कायदेशीर सल्लागार म्हणून काम पाहतात. जशी आमची संस्था पूर्णत्वाने झोक़ून काम करते त्याचप्रमाणे श्वेता मॅडम ने पण आमच्या खांद्याला-खांदा लावून आम्हांला साथ दिली. सर्व भारतातील संबंधित रेग्युलेटरीचा पत्र व्यवहार, ओस्ट्रेलियातील फ़ेडरल कोर्टचे भारतातील काम, सुप्रीम कोर्टचे काही काम या सर्व कामामध्ये त्यांनी त्यांचे वकीली पेशाचे प्राण पणाला लावून काम केले. मी स्वतः जनलोकच्या कामासाठी फ़ोन केला तर वेळेचे बंधन न पाळता त्यांनी नकार दिला नाहीं. अशा संयमी, कर्तुत्ववान, प्रेमळ-मनमिळावू व स्वतःच्या क़ामाशी एकनिष्ठ असणाऱ्या श्वेता मॅडम. वक़िलांचा आगदी ओस्ट्रेलिया ते सुप्रीम। कोर्ट व राज्य पातळीवर अनुभव आला परंतु श्वेता मॅडम मध्ये आम्हांला न्याय व्यवस्थेचा वेगळाच टच जानवला. वेळोवेळी सर्वांच्या मदतीला धावणाऱ्या मॅडम तुमच्या पूढील कारकिर्दीला लाख-लाख शुभेच्छा. धन्यवाद!

सौ. सुनंदा बाळकृष्ण क़दम ( जनलोक प्रतिष्ठान सामाजिक संस्था, पुणे. – अध्यक्षा )